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Get It Out There

Want to get out there on the web? Want to build your presence? Want to be the name that everyone recognizes? 7even Leaf Clover has got you covered. We offer a variety of performance driven, highly targeted services to help you get to the top.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Many companies can get a customer to the shopping cart, but can’t get them to make the sale. 7even Leaf Clover can help you optimize your website and checkout process to bring you even more sales. After all, it’s all about the conversion rate.

Banner Advertising

If you want to keep your business in the public eye, then you need to make sure you have attention-grabbing advertising. 7even Leaf Clover understands the need to attract people to your business, so we’ll work hard to retarget your ads to others who may have not seen it the first time, even on different websites.

Social Media Optimization

Did you see that Tweet I just sent? Maybe you were too busy checking your Facebook and MySpace pages. Does that just sound like a bunch of jibberish to you? Social Media is a powerful new form of advertising that’s popping up everywhere. Whether you’re sixteen or sixty, Social Media has mass appeal. But it’s a lot more than just letting people know you’re on Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace; it’s about managing your online identity and building a base of followers.

7even Leaf Clover can build your brand identity through these new channels because we understand how to manage, create, and grow your online identity while keeping your product and business the main focus.

Contextual Advertising

Selling water bottles? We’ll get your ad in front of a reader who’s reading about water bottles. With our contextual advertising, we can get your product into articles relating to your specific industry or business. We’ll use our knowledge and experience to get your products into exciting new places.

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