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Need a fresh look? A new logo? Attention-grabbing banners? Tired of your ads, website, and logo looking like everyone else’s? We feel the same way, which is why we hire cutting edge designers, aka dreamers with untamed imaginations. Our designers aspire to create modern looks for your website with the most recently available technology to give you the eye popping designs you want. By constantly pushing the envelope, we make sure that your site stays current while still maintaining the style you desire.

Branding and Logo Design:
  • Identity is very important to a company and is often times crucial when trying to relate to a demographic. By updating or creating a fresh new identity for your brand, 7even Leaf Clover can reinvent your company and reinvigorate your brand.
Internet Advertising
  • We’ve all seen hundreds of banners and other advertisements – you’ve probably seen well over 100 just today! Have you paid attention to them? Probably not, but sometimes that’s not the point. Sometimes just creating awareness, branding, and helping people remember your company can help you stay on the public radar.

  • 7even Leaf Clover will design professional and attention grabbing banners for you so that you can continue to spread your message. This in turn helps you to continue on the path to regional, or even global, domination.
Web Design and Updates
  • Need a new website or perhaps just a new look? 7even Leaf Clover works with you to completely transform your website into a fully functioning work of art. A website can say a lot about the company it represents. It can say that you’re up to speed on the hottest trends, that you’re steeped in tradition, or that you’re trying to do something radical. Whatever your message is, we can help you create a space that showcases these ideals.
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