AdWords is totally fun, if you have AdWords Editor

Posted On Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 by Adam Brown

So I took control of another project, setting up an AdWords account for a client. Nothing too exciting, hadn’t really done it in a while, but I’ve done it plenty in the past. So I go about doing my research, build my keywords, use some nifty tools (both created in house and available online), and got myself all set up to start the task of uploading the account.

What I forgot about is AdWords Editor. It’s a fantastic program that lets you do some great manipulation of the account. It’s available for both Windows and Mac. That’s awesome. I run Linux…

Because I function as a developer most of the time, I have the luxury/hassle of having a computer for each operating system: Linux, Windows XP, Vista, and Mac. So thankfully, I installed Editor on my Mac and fired it up. I got all my keywords uploaded, created several different ads, and set my budgets and bids for them all.

And here’s where the beauty of Editor comes into play. I was working on some longtail keywords, adding geographical locations and such. The client has several locations and so services a vast expanse of the east coast and a good bit of the west. Naturally, I decided to use the names of the states and their abbreviations. Seemingly easy, but in my speed as I was assembling the keyword list, something in my brain told me the abbreviation for Connecticut was CN, as opposed to CT. Blame it on lack of sleep, lack of caffiene (ran out of coffee two weeks ago), or just lack of attention, but I did it. Because of the way I had my keywords structured, this little blunder made it’s way into over 600 keywords.

Imagine trying to fix that by hand, it’d be ridiculous. I’m very busy as is, and I was doing all this work on Sunday, what should be my one day off, and it was already 10pm.

Editor to the rescue! After yelling several obscenities at my mistake, my friend Steve, who’s much more familiar with AdWords and Editor than I am, suggested I just do a find and replace…

No way it could be that easy, but what do you know! After banging my head against my desk a few times, I quickly changed all 600+ keywords in a matter of seconds. Then I created a few new ads, applied them to all of my adgroups across my four campaigns, and finished up my work before 11pm.

Now if only Google will make Editor for Linux…

 AdWords is totally fun, if you have AdWords Editor

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