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How big is your sales team?

Would you like to expand it dramatically without the burden of paying salaries to a bunch of people? You should consider launching an Affiliate Program. With an Affiliate Program, instead of just paying people regardless of their job performance, you’ll only pay someone when they deliver a lead or sale. Your sales will easily grow into the thousands, yet you’ll only have to pay for a job well done. Just think of the possibilities! At 7even Leaf Clover, we have Affiliate Managers that can get your program launched on major networks and help your sales grow considerably. While an Affiliate Program isn’t for every type of business, why not talk to 7even Leaf Clover and see if it’s right for you?

Affiliate not measuring up?

Do you already have an Affiliate Program and are tired of Affiliate Managers that just do the bare minimum? Are you sick of seeing your Affiliate Program taken advantage of and no one standing up for you? At 7even Leaf Clover, we’ll run your affiliate program as if it were our own. We’ll protect your brand name and help you make it even stronger, while at the same time improving your sales. In the ever-changing world of Internet Marketing, we know the tools and tricks to help your Affiliate Program be better than ever!

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